Dr. Youstina Guirguis, D.M.D

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Dr. Youstina, is a remarkable dentist who not only excels in her profession but also has a beautiful family. With her expertise in pediatric, adolescent, and adult dentistry, she knows how to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease in her presence.

Dr. Youstina’s journey started at Temple University, where she honed her dental skills. Later, she pursued her Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the Hudson Valley Veterans healthcare system, further enhancing her knowledge and experience. As a member of the American Dental Association and the New York State Dental Association, she stays connected with her dental community and stays up to date with the latest advancements in the field.

While her professional achievements are noteworthy, Dr. Youstina’s personal life is equally fulfilling. She is blessed with a wonderful husband and a precious new baby, bringing immeasurable joy to her family. Their love and support provide her with the perfect balance between her career and personal life.

Beyond her dental practice, Dr. Youstina is deeply passionate about making a positive impact on the world. She actively participates in traveling abroad, where she selflessly extends her help to those in need. Countries like Ethiopia, Namibia, Haiti, and Bolivia have been fortunate to experience her compassionate care and dedication.

When she’s not brightening smiles or helping communities overseas, Dr. Youstina finds joy in simple pleasures. Reading is one of her favorite pastimes, where she can explore new worlds and gain knowledge. Traveling allows her to immerse herself in different cultures and create lasting memories with her loved ones. Completing puzzles is another hobby she enjoys, as it stimulates her mind and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Dr. Youstina’s dedication to her patients, her passion for serving others, and her unwavering love for her family make her not only an exceptional dentist but also a truly remarkable individual. She brings warmth, compassion, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of those around her, creating a welcoming and family-oriented dental experience.

Aleksandra Nikac

Meet Our Hygienist

Aleksandra is dental hygienist with an eight-year journey committed to enhancing smiles and advocating for oral health. Through her fervent dedication to patient education, she’s discovered her calling in emphasizing the value of proper oral hygiene. Beyond treatments, she’s devoted to empowering patients with the knowledge needed for lifelong oral wellness. Aleksandra looks forward for the opportunity to continue making a positive impact within the community!

Dr. Youstina Guirguis, DMD

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